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Thornhill Real Estate - Investment in Real Estate

Thornhill Real Estate. Real estate refers to a land of which certain permanent improvements are attached to it. Real estate involves the physical surface of the land, what is permanently attached to it, what lies above and beneath it. It also includes all the rights of ownership like the right to sell, lease, possess and enjoy the land. It is used for residential purposes, commercial purposes, business and special purposes.

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Real estate investment is simple. With Thornhill real estate, investing in it is a long term approach and yields a good return in the future but on a lower level of risk. The goal of investing in it is to put money in it, allow it to yield, so that in the future more money is available. In most investments, there is degree of risk, but the potential return must outweigh the risk level.

For example in the game of monopoly. To succeed, one buys a property, rent it out and takes the return on it to purchase other properties. This concept is similar, but a mistake in the process of your investment could have serious consequences.

When you are ready to begin investing in Thornhill real estate, you need to know the type of real estate you want to invest in and what suits your goals and needs.

Thornhill Real Estate - Classification of Real Estate

  • Residential Real Estate: Residential real estate is made up of a home, i.e. single home, township, duplex, bungalow etc. which is used for residential purposes. Whether the house is to be resold or is a newly constructed property, can be used for residential purposes.
  • Industrial Real Estate: For an industrial real estate property, it is a large property or building used for warehouses, manufacturing, distribution centers and so on. For the purposes of industrial real estate, investing in it will be a good idea.
  • Commercial real estate: Commercial real estate are properties used for businesses and commercial purposes. They include office buildings or some properties such as a complex and are divided into a lot of several units.
  • Retail Space: These are properties used for retail shops, shopping malls, restaurants, showrooms etc. either multiple units or individual units situated in a good location.
  • Land: A land is also a form of real estate. Some lands used for farming and other purposes are considered a Thornhill real estate.
  • Fix and Flip Properties: Properties or homes in a bad state and are poorly maintained are available at lesser price which is referred to as the flip and fix properties. These buyers buy these property at a lower price and then refurnish it and sell it at a higher price for profit.
  • Mixed-Use: This Thornhill real estate project constitutes different types of properties to reduce risk of failure and diversification. This type of Thornhill real estate is essential due to project failure and other misfortunes to happen.

Thornhill Real Estate - Features of a Real Estate

To invest in Thornhill real estate and expect a fruitful returns, it requires a lot of foresightedness. Some characteristics of real estate investment include:

  • Tangible: Properties or real estate are one of those investments which can be touched and seen and also have a physical existence.

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  • Immune to inflation: Where there is economic inflation, there will be negative impact on the value of other investments. Thornhill real estate investment is therefore prone to this economic inflation. In adverse situations, it is the only investment that results in value appraisal in inflation.
  • Uncertain maturity period: Unlike other type of investments like bonds, fixed deposits etc., real estate investment does not have any fixed maturity period. It is the owner who have the entire decision whether to maintain the property or sell it.
  • Value enhancement: Investing in Thornhill real estate is a long-term profitable investment. Individual benefits from it in two ways, gaining rental income monthly and also appreciation of value in the long run.
  • Low liquidity: Real estate investment is a capital asset. Due to this reason, it cannot be bought or sold anytime like other investments such as stocks or bonds.
  • Needs management: Investing in buying a physical asset or property involves spending on the property’s maintenance. Therefore an investor needs to manage the income gain from it for future use.
  • Universally accepted as collateral: Real estate serves as a source of collateral when financing a property. This is very common among banks and other financial institutions.
  • Profitable even during recession: Real estate investment is one of the most safest investment. When done wisely, even in time of recession it generates income or profit.

Thornhill Real Estate - Key Reasons to Invest in Real Estate

Many people consider Thornhill real estate as a good investment since the benefit of investing in it are numerous. Real estate investment is a big time investment. It is referred to as the purchase of a property as an investment to gain income instead of using it as a basic residence. In other terms, it can be described as any building, land infrastructure and other fixed property which is transferable but immovable and assisted by a real estate lawyer in Thornhill

  • Hedge Against Inflation: Even in times of inflation, Thornhill real estate yields profitable income. Unlike other investment where returns on it decreases, with real estate the value and income keeps rising.
  • Stable income: Real estate investment is seen as the most passive income of generating funds. To ensure steady and regular cash flow, investors rent out their property.
  • Tax benefits: Real estate investors are relieved from paying tax for some period on rental income. Even if such investments are made for a longer period, the payment of tax is lesser.
  • Financial Security: Putting for money in real estate is a long term investment made. The investors provide financial security since they have the possession of the real estate.
  • Self-decision making: The investor in Thornhill real estate is his or her own boss. They take decisions on their own which is similar to running any other type of business.
  • Value appreciation: Real estate is a capital asset which encounter value appreciation in the long run.

Thornhill Real Estate - Risk/ Drawbacks of Investment in Real Estate

In every business, there are advantages and disadvantages which applies same to real estate. Thornhill real estate is a profitable investment which has some limitations. Some of which are:

  • Huge transaction cost: This cost involved in real estate investment is high. Buying and selling of real estate is very expensive. These transaction cost includes diversion, legal expenses, registration charges, etc. These expenses are so high that it increases the cost of investment for the buyer.
  • High maintenance and management: The cost of maintenance when buying a real estate in Thornhill is quite high. The income generated from the investment in the property should be managed by the investor.
  • Creates Financial and Legal Liability: If the property is bought on loan, the investor may become overburdened by the financial liability. A legal obligation is imposed on the investor even when transferring ownership at the time of buying the property.
  • No fixed Maturity: The process of capital appreciation in properties is a long term one. It is presumed to be undefined. There is no fixed rate in a specific period for a real estate appraisal.
  • Less Liquid in Nature: Real estate cannot be bought and sold regularly as compared to other investments. Therefore investors looking for short term investment may not be the best or suitable option for them.

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