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A Criminal Lawyer in Toronto

A criminal Lawyer in Toronto represents individuals as well as organizations facing any form of criminal charges in the city of Toronto and courts in Ontario. Criminal lawyers are also known as criminal defense attorneys and public defenders.  Some criminal charges may include, fraud, domestic violence, theft, embezzlement, extremely violent crimes such as rape and murder, driving under the influence or DWIs, drug related crimes as well as sex crimes. Criminal lawyers in Toronto are tasked with defending their clients by attending trials and bail bond hearings, post-conviction remedies, plea-bargains, as well as parole and probation hearings.

After the investigation of a case is completed, assuming the case is in Toronto, a criminal lawyer in Toronto will interview all the parties or witnesses involved in the crime, research statutes, case laws as well as crime codes to prepare a solid defense for his or her client and build a strategy to use in the upcoming trial. Where the court allows, a criminal lawyer may negotiate with the prosecution in order to plea bargain for lesser charges for his or her client.

During the trials, the lawyer will stand on behalf of the defendant and argue the motion to either dismiss a motion or a motion of suppress. The lawyer also argues all appeals on behalf of his or her client. All motions and appeals have to be drafted and filed by the criminal lawyer in the courts in advance, in order to be considered when the times comes for the defendant to appeal his or her case.

The Duties and Responsibilities of Criminal Lawyers in Toronto

The main role of a Criminal lawyer in Toronto is the representation of defendants facing any form of criminal charges in the city of Toronto.

*The criminal lawyer is tasked to investigate the case at hand as well as interviewing all witnesses involved in the case.

*Research several case laws, statutes, crime codes, and procedural laws in order to tackle the case at hand, with full force and a vast knowledge.

The criminal lawyer builds a solid defense for his or her client and develops a strong case strategy.

*A criminal lawyer in Toronto negotiates with the prosecution to plea bargain lesser charges and sentencing for the defendant.

*A criminal lawyer drafts motions on behalf of his or her client. Motions may include the motion to dismiss or the motion to suppress.

*The representation and advocacy of the defendant at trial.

*A criminal lawyer in Toronto drafts, files, and argues appeal on behalf of his or her client.

How Much Does a Criminal Lawyer in Toronto Make?

The salaries of criminal lawyers vary from city to city. Some factors to consider include the size and scope of the criminal law practice, the type of clients the law firm represents, as well as the location of the law firm. Public defenders who work for the city of Toronto usually make between $30,000 to $50,000 after tax yearly.

Criminal lawyers employed in private law firms in Toronto however receive more in salaries. Seasoned and experienced criminal lawyers in Toronto tend to make as much as six figures salaries. Criminal lawyers in Toronto who represent high profile clients, extremely wealthy or celebrities are usually the highest paid attorneys in the field.

The Education and Training Process of Criminal Lawyers in Toronto

Like every lawyer in the various fields of law, criminal lawyers in Toronto are required to first complete a four year bachelor’s degree at an accredited university before being qualified to earn a degree to practice law. Both degrees in the study of law usually takes about seven years of study to obtain.

Criminal lawyers in Toronto have to pass the bar exam in Canada in order to practice law in the city of Toronto.

Is There a Demand For More Criminal Lawyers in The City of Toronto?

Criminal law has grown a lot in recent years in the city of Toronto. As criminal activities spiral upwards in Toronto, with the likes of high profile incidences like the 2018 Toronto Van Attack. Criminal law is ever-changing, and the number of individuals sentenced to jail has increased nearly threefold over the last thirty years.

With the spike in crimes, the population of inmates in Toronto prisons also grow. As new criminal laws and policies are codified, the requirement for criminal attorneys to defend the accused will certainly have a sturdy increase.

The Work Schedule of a Criminal Lawyer In Toronto

Most criminal lawyers In Toronto work full time with an average of 40 hours per week. Criminal lawyers that work for huge law firms or private firms usually work more hours than public defenders. They mostly use their time to review documents related to a case, and also conduct research to equip themselves with the knowledge needed to fight a case.

Felonies and Misdemeanor Offenses

Criminal offenses are categorized as felony and misdemeanor offenses. Usually, a crime is a felony if the maximum feasible penalty is more than a year behind bars. A felony usually brings the possibility of going to federal prison instead of a local jail. A misdemeanor is a criminal offense that carries a maximum charge of less than a year behind bars.

Toronto has low level misdemeanors that do not carry the possibility of any form of jail time. For instance, in Toronto, a minor who drives under the influence, is guilty of a misdemeanor that’s punishable by just a fine penalty as well as community service. Each city in Canada might have unique categories for types of offenses. In Ontario however, felony offenses result in jail time for offenders for not less than one hundred and eighty days or more than two years.

Negative Aspects of Being a Criminal Lawyer in Toronto

A career in criminal law can be very stressful and demanding. A lot of the time, criminal lawyers in Toronto complain about their job demanding long hours, billing pressures, deadlines set by the court, changing laws and policies, and the difficulty among most clients. Also the rising pressure in business as well as the evolution of legal technologies and not to mention the law school debt are all factors that contribute to why its stressful being a criminal lawyer in Toronto.


A lawyer is an individual who is highly educated in the field of law and is licensed to practice law. A lawyer’s main objective or obligation is to defend his or her client’s right and uphold the law at the same time. Lawyers are trusted by their clients because of their ability to stay confidential in all matters brought forth by the client. Some of the few roles associated with a licensed lawyer includes: providing counsel to his or her client, giving legal advice, drawing up contracts and various legal binding documentst, wills for clients that want to leave behind properties for their kin, real estate transactions on behalf of their clients. Lastly a lawyer is obligated to defend his or her client in court and also tasked to persecuting individuals caught on the wrong side of the law.

The word or terminology lawyer has meanings all over the world. In different parts of the world, lawyers are referred to as attorney, legal counsel, a barrister, and also a solicitor. Earliest origin of the word “lawyer” can be traced back to ancient Greece. This was as a result of orators who were chosen to speak on behalf of their friends or individuals during any form of disputes. Even though orators fit the roles of legal counsels, they were not paid for the services they rendered. After the Emperor Claudis legalized the profession of lawyer in ancient Rome around 205 BC, lawyers were allowed to be paid for whatever form of services they rendered for their clients.

The Role of a Lawyer

The lawyer has various roles and duties to his or her clients which go beyond basic court trials or disputes. A few roles performed by a licensed lawyer includes, creating of documents between parties, mediating disputes as well as providing clients with legal advice and counsel about their rights in regards to the side of the law they find themselves.


The discipline of law is very wide. The practice of Law is so wide and extensive that, it is very difficult for a lawyer to single handedly successfully provide his or her clients legal counsel across all areas of the law.

Areas of the law

A divorce lawyer:

A divorce lawyer is specialized in the various legal aspects involved in the annulation of marriages between individuals. Some areas of expertise of the lawyer includes filling for the custody of a child and also the division of asserts and debts between the parties involved in the divorce. A separation is the process by which a couple can formally file to get divorced while staying legally married to each other. In the cases that children are involved during a divorce, a divorce lawyer will assist to provide his or her clients with the terms for child support payments and also child custody.

During the entire divorce process, the main objective of a divorce lawyer is to ensure that his or her client is given a fair settlement once the marriage has been legally dissolved by the court of law. A divorce lawyer needs to pay attention to his or her client’s needs during the process of a divorce to ensure that the client gets him exact settlement he or she needed. A divorce lawyer must have certain important traits such as the ability to be a great listener and also being able to give the best legal advice to his or her counsel and been unbiased and judgmental during the entire process. This skills are very important when dealing with the clients in this area of law.

A family Lawyer

A family lawyer’s role is to handle family issues or disputes. Some of these issues include, abuse in a relationship, the abduction of a child, child custody battles, family planning, child adoption, surrogacy processes, paternity determinations, child emancipation, juvenile delinquency in children as well as prenuptial agreements and name changes. A family lawyer represents his or her clients in court proceedings and also during various negotiations involving the family. A family lawyer also drafts the necessary legal documents during a legal dispute. A family lawyer is experienced enough to handle divorce matters however a divorce lawyer does not have enough knowledge in the field of family law to represent clients in family law matters.

Immigration Lawyer

An immigration lawyer is tasked to determine the obligation, legal right as well as duties of immigrants and helps them acquire legal citizenship within the foreign land an immigrant finds him or herself. An immigration lawyer, represents his or her client in court to provide them with the counsel they need to prevent them from being deported against their will. They also assist their clients in emergency situations to get access to temporary citizenship while their case is pending in court. The process of immigration can be very complicated and hectic therefor, immigration lawyers, analyze all possible strategies that might help their clients pending case as well as the organization of legal documents and forms that will be needed application of the immigration status of the client. The main role of an immigration lawyer is to act as a mediator between the client and the immigration authorities.

Accident and Personal Injury lawyer

An accident and personal injury lawyer deal in civil law cases of individuals involved in physical as well as psychological injuries as a result of an accident. An accident and personal injury lawyer practices mainly in the field of tort law. The lawyer provides his or her clients the assistance they need to obtain reimbursement as a result of injuries suffered in the event of any form of accident. This compensation or settlement paid to the client is often used for the payment and of medical bills and also make up for lost wages during the period of the client’s absence from work due to the accident. A few examples of claims as a result of personal injuries include: traffic stop collisions, slip and fall accidents in buildings, injuries at the work place as a result of poor company safety measures put in place, injuries incurred as a result of defective products and also, professional malpractices.

A lot of the time, personal injuries claims don’t find their way to trial instead, they are settled by the parties involved outside the court. In cases where insurance companies are involved, the individual will sometimes have no choice and will have to go through a full civil trial in court in order to get compensated. Due to the complex nature of insurance companies, litigation can be very difficult and requires a strict adherence to the legal procedures and also rules of evidence.

Business and Corporate Lawyer

A business and corporate lawyer, is responsible for both the representation of private and public companies and also drafting the necessary documents for acquisitions or transactions as well as the counselling and guidance of their clients through complex legal processes. Some of the roles of a business and corporate lawyer include, agency and employment laws, drafting of contracts, sales, commercial paper, business organizations, as well as properties and bailment. Their specialty in the field of business and corporate law can range from assisting startup companies negotiate acquisitions between multibillion dollar giant companies.

A few other areas of expertise of a business and corporate lawyer is, the review and draft of important mergers, giving advice, company acquisitions and also divestitures.

Bankruptcy Lawyer

A bankruptcy lawyer assist individuals or companies, to declare their in ability to make payments to creditors. The process of filling a bankruptcy form can be complicated, hence bankruptcy lawyers are very important in the financial world of business. Bankruptcy lawyers’ handle the paperwork of cases from start to finish due to its complex nature.

A bankruptcy lawyer’s roles include, reviewing the income statements of potential clients, debts and assets of the client, determine the chapter of bankruptcy to file and also the filing date. When a date has been filed in court, the bankruptcy lawyers meet up with the debtors and creditors to resolve the situation as best as they can according to the law. After this, the bankruptcy lawyer ensures that his or her clients is able to meet the various obligations required by the bankruptcy trustee and will the the client updated during the entire process.

Employment lawyer

An employment lawyer is responsible for the cordial relationship of the employer and employee. Some of the roles of an employment lawyer include, drafting of contracts, company regulations, bargaining agreements, protection against any form of discrimination at the workplace, sexual harassment, company wages and hours, health and safety policies, as well as severance negotiations. A few other roles of a company lawyer may include, counselling and advising the employers on the various environmental policies related to business and also, defending the employers in the mist of governmental boards and agencies. Employment lawyers are commonly known for assisting employees file for employment related lawsuits.

Employment lawyers’ advice both the employer and the employee on the policies of the local, state as well as the federal government’s legal standards to ensure their clients are abreast with current affairs or the state of law they find themselves. For example, an employment lawyer assist the employers in a work place to draft policies that prevents the discrimination of employees based on their race, gender, skin color, age, national or geographical region, religion and also disability. Employment lawyers also advise employees on the importance of forming unions to protect and fight for their rights as workers.

Animal lawyers

An animal lawyer is involved in any form of legal issue or battle involving the malpractice of a veterinary, the wrongful death of an animal, tainted pet food products, defense cases involving dogs biting individuals, discrimination, landlord and tenant disputes, estate planning and development, purchase disputes, various forms of animal cruelty as well as other legal issues involving animals.

Animal lawyers are usually hired by animal welfare organizations such as PETA, various pet service providers, as well as individuals that want to protect the rights of animals that have been mistreated in any shape or form.

The Workspace of a Criminal Lawyer in Toronto

A criminal lawyer in Toronto typically works in a law firm, a private company and also for the city of Toronto as a public defender in criminal cases. Most criminal lawyers in Toronto work 40 to 70 hours each week and also on weekends.

Lawyers that recently graduated law school are giving jobs as clerks in charge of researching information regarding criminal cases in Toronto and help assist the experienced criminal lawyers create a solid defense for upcoming trials in court.

Characteristics or Traits of a Great Criminal lawyer

A great criminal lawyer simply invest a great deal of time and effort in understanding individuals he or she work with, building strong relationships and applying themselves to be great leaders so that people can have faith in their counsels and legal advice. A criminal lawyer must also have a great skill in communicating to people, a very high level of intelligence especially in tough situations, great analytical skills and also tremendous skills in advocacy.

Criminal lawyers in Toronto have a passion for their chosen area of specialty (criminal law) as well as a great deal of commitment to their work and interest of their clients. The most important role of a criminal lawyer is to pay attention to his as well as advocating on the basis of the law.

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