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Real Estate Lawyer In Scarborough

Scarborough Real estate lawyers are general practitioners that provide legal services of all varieties relating to real estate transactions. Real estate lawyers have two basic role they play in real estate transactions. They handle legal aspects related to real estate transactions and they act as litigators. Real estate lawyers deal in assisting clients that needs legal help in dealing in real estate property.

Scarborough Real estate lawyers are highly professional, experienced and specialized in litigating cases of real estate fraud. It involves mortgage fraud, disclosure fraud, zoning or subdivision laws. They also handle other areas of expertise like dealing with commercial and residential real estate.


Real estate lawyer in Scarborough whose basic function applies to real estate transactions deals in the preparation and review of documents. They also negotiate the terms and conditions in the real estate documents and the transfer of titles. They are sometimes requested by companies who have no idea of how real estate laws and regulations could affect their business when purchasing or selling real estate. Real estate lawyer in Scarborough is able to step in for clients when there is breach of contract or a real estate fraud.

Scarborough Real estate lawyer have a law foundation and a good negotiation skills. Since a real estate market is a web of relationships, real estate lawyers are capable of networking with people. It is necessary because they handle multiple cases and documents at any given time.

What Does a Real Estate Lawyer in Scarborough Do

  • The function of a Scarborough real estate lawyer can vary significantly depending on the type of transactions involved.
  • Real estate lawyers in Scarborough help review purchase agreement and draft paperwork to avoid litigation. They also figure out some of the property taxes whether there are any arrears. They help figure out the legal ownership to the property if there are numerous owners to the property.


  • Mostly if real estate lawyers in Scarborough are not involved in a deal before it goes wrong, litigation ensues. Example can be in case a house is in escrow and it burns down, who will become responsible for it. Is it the seller or the buyer who is in the process of becoming a owner? This is where a real estate lawyer will have looked for a way to address the matter.
  • The role of a real estate lawyer in Scarborough is to ensure the seller has a good title to the property. There are mostly mortgage on the property which can be more than one. If the buyer doesn’t pay off the mortgage at a closing, the mortgages left can be enforceable.
  • The Scarborough real estate lawyer also checks if the property can be used for the intended purpose of the buyer. An example can be that, a seller might be able to run a factory on the site, but the buyer cannot pull it down and rebuild a new one. A real estate lawyer is responsible in checking all these.
  • For the seller, the real estate lawyer can ensure that all mortgages are paid out of the sales  proceeds
  • The real estate lawyer ensures there are no liens attached to the property. It is the lawyer’s responsibility to check if all utility liens or tax liens against the property are paid off.
  • The real estate lawyer in Scarborough may also request to survey the property to ensure that there are no structures straddle to the boundary lines. They also check if the boundaries of the land are structured properly.
  • The buyer will also need to know if there are any restrictive covenants that travels with the land or any easements to the property.

What To Look Out For When Hiring a Scarborough Real Estate Lawyer

assist you if you need any assistance with your professional and legal counsel. They help you with any assistance you will need in investing in real estate business. It is always important to work with a real estate lawyer in Scarborough who is transparent. Since you will enter into a partnership agreement with your real estate lawyer, you need to have trust and confidence in your lawyer.

Things you need to look out for when hiring a real estate lawyer in Scarborough include:

  • Plan of Action:Your real estate lawyer should have a good plan of action on how the case will be resolved. This plan of action shouldn’t be something comprehensive but rather a brief outline of the steps involved to go about the case.  
  • Costs of Services:It can be costly when looking for professional advice from a trained and experienced real estate lawyer. It is therefore important to determine the amount Scarborough real estate lawyer will charge before entering into a contract with the lawyer. You should be able to ask your lawyer the upfront costs and their rates which can be paid either on a flat rate basis, hourly or monthly.
  • Experience Handling Similar Cases:The number of experience the real estate lawyer have is important. The experience Scarborough real estate lawyer have in handling similar case as yours should also be noted. Some lawyers have worked for years, but if they do not have much experience in your field of case, they may not know how to go about your case.
  • Amount of Professional Experience:The experience a real estate lawyer have is one of the major qualities you need to look out for. The more experience Scarborough real estate lawyers are, the more they have knowledge to become aware of how better your case can be handled. For your case to be a success or a failure, it all depends on the number of experience your real estate lawyer have.

Their years of experience can be an advantage in handling a more complicated case since it might need a good negotiation and persuasion skill. They have the best experience to represent your case with confidence and integrity.

  • Someone Who Knows Real Estate:When looking out for a Scarborough real estate lawyer, you should take into consideration whether the person knows about the real estate you’re planning to invest in or buy. This is where you will need a referral from a person whose case have been handled similar to yours.