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Real Estate Lawyer in North York . Real estate lawyers in North York are attorneys who work on issues or matters of real estate. These type of attorneys interpret and render advice and services on laws and regulations that concern real property, including real estate financing and leasing, property management, housing law, lease disputes, Real Estate Investment Trusts, land sales, escrow arrangements, rights of way, title issues and searches, and residential and commercial property development projects. Negotiation and drafting of contracts concerning real estate transactions is done by Real estate transactional lawyers. Also lawsuits, arbitration and court cases regarding real estate disputes are best handled by Real estate litigation attorneys.

The best real estate lawyers North York based should have about 3 to 6 years of experience, with strong skills in transactions and drafting. His or her experience with financing, environmental matters, construction and leasing are all helpful. It will be ideal to have a Connecticut Bar membership. A North York real estate lawyer must also have an excellent research and strong academic credentials, oral and writing communication skills. In addition to an excellent academic credentials, a cheap real estate lawyer North York based should also have an experience in real estate transactions for about 2 or more years. They must also have a substantial leasing experience.

North York real estate lawyers in are people who are dedicate to oversee all the legal work that is involved with either buying, selling, or generally transferring ownership of properties as well as leasing and tenancy agreements. They check sales contracts, read through the title of ownership, check the mortgage documents and other legal papers.


Real estate lawyers in North York ensure that at the end of the day the best interest of their clients are protected and promoted at all times. That is exactly what their services promise to do for you. Real estate refers to physical property. It is property that is made up of land and all the buildings found on it.

The Real Estate Agent

When it comes to buying or selling a home, real estate property or a commercial property, the first thing that comes to the minds of most people is to contact a real estate agent and a realty company. A real estate agent might be an instrumental resource for buyers and sellers, predominantly persons who are purchasing a home in a different country or state.

A real estate agent is in a sales position and works for commission. He or she is also directly supervised by a real estate broker. A real estate agent does very well in matching buyers with homes or properties within their means, price range and their preferred area.

Real estate agents can also be an essential factor for most sellers when it comes to looking for or finding the perfect buyer for a specific property. The agents of sellers mostly engage themselves in constant communication with the agents of the buyers to be able to get the right match for their properties.

The Real Estate Broker

Though there are a lot of similarities between a real estate broker and a real estate agent, there is one factor that separates them. Real estate brokers have an additional education and credentials, allowing them to supervise other agents and work independently. Subject to the business model and locale, real estate brokers always cannot work directly with clients. Nevertheless, the commissions are regularly payable to a brokerage, which is in turn distributed to the agent who is responsible for the sale of the real estate property.

For the best result, look for a real estate lawyer in North York who also works as a licensed real estate broker. By doing this, you will have the best from all angles and prevent incurring any additional lawyer fees.

Property Purchase (Or Transfer) Tax / Land Transfer Fees Calculation

In North York, this calculation is done between 0.5-2 percent of the total value of the property. (Note that Land Transfer Tax cannot be done in some of the provinces). Generally, they are 1 percent of the first $200,000 and 2 percent of the remainder of the value.

Since the year 2005, all persons who are currently purchasing their first home or real estate are now exempted from the Property Transfer Tax (PTT) on condition that they meet the criteria below, specifically the First Home Buyer:

  1. is a Permanent Canadian Resident or a Canadian citizen
  2. has filed 2 (two) Canadian tax returns in the last six years
  3. does not and has never owned a home in any part of the world
  4. for the first year of ownership ought to occupy the property as his or her main residence
  5. prior to purchase, has to immediately reside in the Ontario Province or North York for at least one year

For Real Estate Lawyers in North York, their priorities over the years has been to establish a solid relationship with each of their clients and do their very best to maintain that good relationship with them. They also provide notary public services you can trust. These real estate lawyers in North York thrive on excellence and adding to their provision of experienced notary, they also take pleasure in offering other legal services.

When you consult a real estate lawyer North York for your real estate purchase or sales, they constantly take their time, sit down with you and have a one-on –one discussion about your personal needs and interests in regards to the real estate to enable them work diligently to meet those needs. Real estate lawyers North York do a great job.

The Real Estate Lawyer In North York

It is a claim that is made against a property which makes sure that a contractor receives compensation for construction supplies and labour that is provided for work on that property.

The Real Estate Lawyer In North York

Real estate lawyers in North York are important components of the procedure after a property gets under contract between a seller and buyer. With land and real estate transactions, many issues can emerge in the process, with respect to zoning, easements, title to the property, agricultural leases, boundary lines, oil and water rights, and a lot more. A real estate lawyer working in North York can easily review your purchase agreement in the earlier stages of the process to help you determine whether or not “the seller is in possession of a contract that has been drafted which gives him or her all kinds of recourse while putting a limitation on you the buyer”.

Real estate lawyers North York do well to conduct investigations on the background of the ownership of the property, survey and legal description. They often work together with the buyers to make sure that during the time of settlement, the right title insurance policy is put in place, the terms of the mortgage and promissory note is fully understood by the buyer, and other encumbrances such as judgments, liens and mortgages are cleared from the title to the property. If the lawyer along the way, should come across or discover a major issue that affects the ownership of the real estate property, he or she will quickly advise the buyer not to close the transaction on the property till the problem is solved.

The only party who is often and truly unbiased in many real estate transactions are the real estate lawyers. The real estate broker can only be paid if the deal closes. A real estate lawyer on the other hand gets paid irrespective of the turn-out of the transaction and for that reason, can truly represent all your interests.

In some circumstances, a residential or commercial real estate purchase may be called for in the name of an entity such as a limited liability company or a corporation. This means that a real estate lawyer in North York can also assist you if your real estate transaction goes not go well. He or she will gladly help you to acquire your properties by setting up the right entity.

The real estate lawyers North York fees is relatively low when compared to the potential hazards that could arise if a real estate property is sold unchecked and unverified.

Legal claims from adverse possessors, boundary line disputes and fraudulent transfers are examples of some of the real estate conundrums that faces buyers who prefer to skip or turn away from any assistance an experienced real estate lawyer can and will give. Real estate lawyers North York in addition will protect their buyers from majority of the foreseeable risks that are associated with real estate sales and purchases, a truly priceless service as compared to the costs of defence against later claims. 

Real estate lawyers in North York offer their services in full range in areas including home sales, home purchases, and mortgage refinance. Within North York, they also offer total legal services in the area of Real Estate law. They act for clients (whether borrowers, sellers, buyers, or lenders) in connection with the development, financing, construction, leasing, and transaction of residential properties. Real estate services in North York include the:

  1. Purchase of new homes from builders
  2. Purchase and sale of existing homes
  3. Transfer of title to personal companies or family members
  4. Preparation and review of residential leases
  5. Registration of private mortgage transactions
  6. Refinancing your home with trust companies and banks
  7. Resolution of disputes between landlords and tenants
  8. Reviewing of Agreements of Purchase and Sale

Job Descriptions Of A Real Estate Lawyer/Attorney In North York

The job description of a qualified Real Estate lawyer with excellent experience in commercial real estate investment and fund experience includes:

  1. Representing institutional private real estate fund investors
  2. Preparation of real estate fund documents
  3. Preparation of joint venture agreements
  4. General experience in representing funds that are invested in commercial real estate


Real estate lawyers in North York must have at least 2 to 6 years of experience in commercial real estate investment and funds. They should also have an experience in Joint venture. Furthermore, it is required for them to have an experience within a large law firm.

North York Mobile Signing

Real estate lawyers in North York offer services that allow their clients to sign their documents at the comfort of their own homes. They also provide an in-home signing in the surrounding area. Their signing services are also available on evenings and weekends for people who do not get the opportunity to use their services during the day. This makes it very convenient and assessable to everyone.

 Real estate lawyers in North York ensure that they put together the right team of professionals to make the process exciting and rewarding for you. They also ensure that all the financial requirements are met and your money is put to good use.

  • When selling a home, real estate lawyers in North York will stand by you in the entire process. They aim to protect the returns on your investment and ensure that the outcome you want from the purchase is achieved.
  • Refinancing of your residential mortgage. There is a lot to gain from refinancing your mortgage but because many people do not know, they do not go in for it. However, the best services offered by a real estate lawyer North York ensures that refinancing your mortgage is done smoothly.
  • When you have to transfer title between spouses. When you have to transfer something as important as the title of a property, lawyers in North York specialized in real estate will ensure that they follow to the letter the processes involved.
  • Purchase and sale of homes. Real estate lawyers North York have experience in the purchasing of home, condominiums, townhouses and more. They will review and prepare all you residential and commercial leases. Their availability to answer your questions and take care of your concerns forms part of their obligation to their clients.

To them, they ease the minds of their clients because they are always there to serve your best interests. Even before, during and after your transaction, you can be assured with professional services in your case.

Choose A Real Estate Lawyer In North York Who Represents Your Interests

Provided you are the one paying the real estate lawyer’s fees, you should select the lawyer alone or by yourself to ensure that your sole interests are well represented and not the interests of the other parties involved in the transaction.

Real Estate Law Firms In North York

Since the growth in real estate in North York is increasing at a rapid rate, it has placed the need for experienced law firms that are equipped to handle transactions in North York and its environs. Real estate law firms in North York do just that and even more.

They thrive on and are well noted for the excellent services they provide. Also, they have a team of real estate lawyers who are hardworking and ever ready to assist you in navigating the legal aspect of the real estate field.

Real estate law firms in North York offer Real Estate Transaction Services that include:

  • Buying or Selling of Commercial Property
  • Buying or Selling of the Assets of a Business
  • Buying or Selling of Residential Property
  • Completing Private Mortgage Transactions
  • Mortgage Refinancing
  • Reviewing and Revising Commercial Leases
  • Transfer of Title to Your Spouse or Loved Ones
  • Reviewing and Revising Residential Leases
  • Providing Independent Legal Advice (ILA) on Separation Agreements, Mortgage/Bank Documents, and Other Legal Documents
  • Registering General Applications, Survivorship Applications, Court Orders, and Other Instruments on Title

Real estate lawyers in North York always ensure that their clients receive a dedicated team to assist them in handling their real estate transactions. They ensure the highest level of excellence in their operations.

It is very easy to find a real estate lawyer you can trust in North York. Real estate lawyers North York know the importance of real estate transactions. They are readily available to assist you in arriving at a legal resolution that is perfect for you, your family and business without stress and spending a large sums of money.

Who Can Notarize A Document In York North?

Public notary fees in North York are dependent on the required number of notary signatures and not the number of documents that need notarization. The first notarization fee is $35 and each of the subsequent or additional notarization fee is $17.50.

What Are The Qualities Of A Good Real Estate Lawyer In North York?

There are a number of factors that qualifies a person as a good real estate lawyer in North York. First and foremost, the real estate lawyer North York must have an extensive knowledge in real estate law and construction. This quality is very crucial as it provides a foundation which is firm on knowing how best to help their clients. Furthermore, real estate lawyers in North York have an advantage upon having a wealth of experience. An additional quality of a good real estate lawyer is customer service skills that are outstanding. This enables them to know, establish and maintain good working relationships with their clients. Real estate lawyers in North York have quality educational and working experience in their field of work. They make sure that all residential and commercial transactions and documentations in the purchase of the real estate property are rightly done and favours the interests of their clients. Contact them today for your real estate needs!

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