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For a Pickering real estate lawyer their main focus is to provide clients in Pickering and surrounding communities with expert real estate legal services. Buying or selling of a house is a major expenditure that requires lots of millions of dollars. When dealing with such investments it is important that your interest is protected.

pickering real estate lawyer

Due to the high value placed on real estate there are laws that governs selling and buying of real property. A little mistake with your real estate transaction is all it takes to have your investment go down the drain. It is not surprising in countries like Alaska, Massachusetts and some others the presence of a real estate lawyer is required before a closing is done. Knowing who a real estate lawyer Pickering based is and what they do can help you make an informed decision.

Pickering Real Estate Lawyer: Who Is A Real Estate Lawyer?

A real estate lawyer is a lawyer who is specially trained to guide people through the legal aspects of selling or buying a home. A Pickering real estate lawyer is a full pack expertise lawyer who provides excellent real estate legal services. They ensure that their clients are very confident about all their property investment decisions they have to make. They also offer legal advice on violation of zoning, property management and so on. With great experience and skills, they seek to retain their clients in their law firms.

Pickering Real Estate Lawyer: Do I Need A Real Estate Lawyer At A Closing?

  • As stated above there are some countries that require the presence of a real estate lawyer before closing is done. But in some other countries the property investor is given the option to hire a real estate lawyer or not. Whichever way, I think the decision of hiring a real estate lawyer is one that a real property investor must consider if;

    They Need Legal Advice

    Real estate lawyers provide adequate legal real property investment advices. They advise their clients on covenants and restrictions on real estate, value estimates and property taxes. Pickering real estate lawyers have specialization in resolving boundaries and injuries, deed problems, encroachment, real estate conflicts and help in resolving conflicts over trespass. Personally, I think as a potential commercial real estate investor you shouldn’t sign any deals if u haven’t spoken with a real estate lawyer yet.




    pickering real estate lawyerYou want to be protected

    If you want your financial interests to be protected during the real property deal you should hire a Pickering real estate lawyer. Buying or selling of real property involves major expenditure that must be protected. The real estate lawyer ensures he explains all terms and conditions contained in the contract to his client in terms that is well understood. This way the property investor wouldn’t have to sign a deal he never fully understood which could become a problem in the future. Real estate lawyers are also trained on every possible side to critically review contracts in order to fish out any environmental problems it might contain.

    You want to Save time

    As an investor or business owner your focus is usually on satisfying your clients. The many things that call for the attention of the property investor might cause him to overlook certain vital details. When dealing with real estate transaction an overlook of small details can cost you greatly. You cannot also put your customer’s needs behind and focus your full attention on the transaction.

    That’s why a Pickering real estate lawyer is available to help take some of the stress away. Legal issues are generally known to be draining, complicated and complex. However, a Pickering real estate lawyer has the necessary skills and experience to help you navigate through them. Instead of taking up your real estate transaction why not get an expert to provide the necessary guidance.

    You want to prevent future legal issues

    Hiring a Pickering real estate lawyer may seem like an added expense upfront. However, in the long run you may be preventing future legal problems. Real estate legal issues are not an easy thing to get yourself into. When your real estate lawyer advises you on various topics in real estate like zoning or property management you are able to make an informed decision which will prevent future legal problems.

Can You Find A Pickering real estate lawyer In Real Estate Law Firms?

  • Finding a Pickering real estate lawyer in real estate law firms in Pickering is very easy. As a matter of fact, your real estate lawyer is just a click away. Just by googling Pickering real estate lawyer you will have a long list to make a choice from. However here is just a few lists of some real estate law firms you can walk into for a Pickering real estate lawyer.

    • Vanular lawyers professional corporation
    • Walker head lawyers
    • Lawson, clark & oldman professional corporation and some others

Can A Pickering Real Estate Lawyer Help Me with My Estate Planning

Can A Pickering Real Estate Lawyer Help Me with My Estate Planning

It is amazing how a lot of people forget to plan for the unpredictable till it happens. Estate planning in simple terms is the process of deciding on how your real estate should be administered when you pass away or becomes incapacitated. Estate planning has basically two general rules

  • To ensure that the estate is transferred according to the owners’ wishes
  • To minimize local government property taxes.

Real Estate Planning Tools

Basically, there are four estate planning tools namely wills, trusts, joint property, and gifts. However, in this article we will focus on just two which includes:


A will is a specific declaration of how a person wants his estate to be shared when he is no more or becomes incapacitated. Normally it is a written document. The will names specific people that are to receive specific items of real estate and personal property.  Unlike contracts wills are not legally binding and may be changed as long as the property owner lives.


This basically refers to a situation when a real property that belongs to one party is held by another who uses and benefits from it. The trustee which represents the person holding the trust at the moment has legal title. The beneficiary of the trust has equitable title as well. For instance, a trust can provide a source of income for children with their guarantor as the trustee. This trust can have a clause that when the children turn 22 years of age it the trust fund should be transferred to them.

A trust may be created by agreement of the parties, bequest in a will or even by a court decree. Whichever way the trust was created, it is governed by set of rules that grew principally out of the court of equity laws.

The basic importance of estate planning is to provide for surviving children, spouse, and other relatives and friends. It also serves as a means of generating income to cater for taxes and expenses that will be incurred when administering the estate.