Niroosan “Niro” Vivekanantharajah,


Founding Lawyer

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

Mahatma Gandhi (lawyer)

Niroosan Vivekanantharajah, A.K.A “Niro”, is a licensed Lawyer and registered Notary Public/Commissioner within the province of Ontario. Niro practices extensively in the legal field of Criminal Justice Defense and Real Estate (transactions only, not litigation).

Niro graduated with honours at the University of Leicester where he obtained his “Bachelors of Law” degree. Upon returning to Canada, Niro opened his own legal practice as expeditiously as possible. He is well known for his positive and inviting attitude, as well as his impeccably efficient communication methods. 

Being proactive in his acquisition of knowledge for the benefit of his clients, Niro relishes every moment he practices within the Criminal Justice System. As Niro adapts his knowledge of the Criminal Justice System, he simultaneously enhances his passion for the Criminal Law. Since opening his practice, Niro has dealt with a multitude of diverse criminal matters within the GTA and has had numerous success stories.

With respect to the Real Estate portion of Niro’s practice, he has been actively engaged within the Real Estate field since 2016. Since opening his practice in January 2019, he has dealt with over $60,000,000.00 worth of assets in his first year alone. Niro has been commemorated for his ability to simplify an entire real estate transaction from start to finish, leaving his clients worry-free and satisfied.

Niro’s success is a result of his unorthodox method of practice; he takes a personal interest in his clients’ cases and thus ensures they get the best legal service. To maintain his own high performance standards, Niro follows a strict and balanced schedule, in both his professional and personal life. He establishes his foundation of success around the balance of mental and physical strength, which is why he lives a healthy and balanced lifestyle so that his clients may only get the best version of himself.