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Are you searching for a Brampton Real Estate Lawyer? When dealing with an investment that costs you millions it is important that you are protected.  As people will rightfully say, “don’t be penny smart and dollar stupid”. A very small mistake with real property transaction can cost you a lot of dollars. The best to do is to hire a qualified real estate lawyer to make sure you are protected.

Brampton Real Estate Lawyer: Who is a real estate lawyer?

A real estate lawyer is a lawyer who specializes in legal matters that relates to real property. They are sometimes called real estate attorneys. They provide their clients advice on deed transfers, financing options, title, mortgage contracts and other real estate topics. A real estate lawyer usually handles commercial, private and industrial holdings.

Brampton real estate lawyer

Selling, Buying or renting a real property can be really time consuming and pricey. But, engaging a real estate lawyer can actually speed up the process. It is for this purpose that Brampton law firms are full of outstanding real estate lawyers who are always available. These real estate lawyers render amazing legal services with great expertise to their clients.

Brampton Real Estate Lawyer: Is There a Difference Between Real Estate Lawyer And Realtor?

Real estate lawyer Brampton based is a lawyer that provides legal guidance to his client during a real estate deal closing. In order sense the real estate lawyer is basically there to ensure all legal proceedings are accurate. However, a realtor is an agent that helps the client through the whole negotiation process of owning a real property.

These two serve different but very important purposes during the acquisition of an estate. As to whether it will be cheap to get a real estate lawyer in place of a realtor, the answer is yes. In some countries whether or not you fully understand all legalities pertaining to the acquisition of the property it is a requirement to get a real estate lawyer. According to some researches people believe that, well if I’m going to need the lawyer at the closing of the deal why not.

What Are The Types of Brampton Real Estate Lawyers?

There are two types of real estate lawyers namely;

  • Commercial real estate lawyer

A commercial real estate lawyer is the type of lawyer that deals specifically with development and construction properties. They sometimes deal with zoning issues as well. Basically, they help business owners with building business office expansions or building a new office for lease purposes.

  • Residential real estate lawyer

 With this type of real estate lawyer owning a home is very easy. Residential real estate lawyers help their clients deal with foreclosure or buy their homes. They also help their clients resolve tenant/ landlord conflicts that may arise.

Brampton Real Estate Lawyer: What is Real Estate Investment?

It is an undeniable fact that real estate investment is one of the most profitable investments a person can make. It is considered as one of the most popular and oldest asset classes.  Real estate investment is the purchase and reselling of a real property with the aim of making profit.

Types of Real Estate Investment

There are several categories of a real property. The real property investment market is really wide but have been streamlined to about four. These include;

  • Residential real estate investment

Residential real estate investments include properties like apartment buildings, vacation houses, townhouses and houses where a person pays you to live in. The rental or lease agreement spells out the duration of time the tenant lives in the property.

Brampton real estate lawyer

  • Commercial real estate investment

Commercial real property investment comprises usually of skyscrapers and offices. For instance, a person can take out some of his savings and build a house for lease to business owners and companies. These companies or business owners pay the property owner rent for the use of the building. This alone can lead to a stable inflow of cash to the property owner and is be termed as commercial real estate investment.

  • Industrial real estate investments

This type of investments comprises greatly from storage units, warehouses or car washes.  It consists of specially built buildings that generates sales from customers that use the facility. Industrial real estate investors can have a lot of streams of service. Like say operating a coin operated vacuum in addition to a car wash. All these can just be a way of increasing the investors return on investment.

  • Retail real estate investment

This consist mainly of strip malls, shopping malls and other various retail storefronts. In a lot of cases the property owner receives a percentage of cash sales generated by the tenant store. This is actually added to the base rent paid by the tenant to maintain the facility.

  • Mixed use real estate investment

This type property investment combines any of the above types of investments into a single project.  It usually consists of significant asset built for the purpose of diversification.

Brampton Real Estate Lawyer: How Much Does It Cost to Engage a Real Estate Lawyer?

Primarily, most real estate lawyers charge per hour for complex issues that may require a lot of time. But charge fixed rates for drafting and reviewing of real estate legal documents. In most cases if you are buying a house, your charge maybe a bit more expensive than if you are selling your house.

The country you live and what exactly the issue is usually has a great influence on how much you will be charged. It is very important to discuss with your real estate lawyer the fees ahead of time. In fact, it is relevant that the client signs a letter of engagement drafted by the lawyer before hiring him. The letter of engagement makes it really clear the actual amount you are paying for the real estate lawyer’s services.

Brampton Real Estate Lawyer: Do I Really Need the Services of a Real Estate Lawyer?

There are over 85 various aspects of law. A Brampton real estate lawyer ensures that the legal aspects of owning your own home is taken care of. Owning a home or buying for investment purposes comes with a huge expenditure. That is why it is important to have all legal aspects properly checked and reviewed. Before a real property investor signs any document of purchase he must be fully convicted about the investment. Thus, all possible laws and risks attached to the property must be fully understood by the real property investor.

That is why you will need the service of a real estate lawyer to guide you through all along the way. Due to work stress and other stresses from our daily lives we may not be able to look through the document critically. However, a Brampton real estate lawyer has relevant training and experience to fish some of these anomalies that may be contained in the document. They also ensure that all anomalies are addressed before the closing is finally done. Thus, from negotiating the price of the house to checking its legal aspects as well.